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What To Expect When You Visit

Our foot care clinics are small, friendly and welcoming – we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and well cared for. When you come into our Bradford or Scarborough office, we will sit down with you and do a complete examination of your feet, checking the pulse in your feet, skin texture and looking for any deformities. Our chiropodist will discuss the problem that led to the visit and address any concerns that might have come up during your exam.

Next, we will present you with treatment options that may include regular callus and corn care, injections of cortisone for bursitis or arthritis, procedures for ingrown toenails or plantars warts, or orthotics for walking and sports. Our Chiropodists are always very thorough; they pride themselves on a caring approach and always take the time needed to understand your issues.

What’s The Difference Between A Chiropodist And A Podiatrist?

Autoclave Sterilizer For Medical Instruments

We use professional medical autoclave sterilizers to ensure 100% sterility of instruments we use on your feet.

The two terms often get confused, particularly since they mean different things in different countries. Here’s a quick summary to help you understand the difference:

Chiropodists are basically Canadian-trained podiatrists. (Podiatry is the study of foot, its function and its dysfunction.) In Canada, most foot surgeries are performed by orthopedic surgeons. In the British commonwealth (Australia, South Africa, Canada, etc.) podiatrists and podiatric surgeons differ, as they do here. In the US, however, a podiatrist is also a foot surgeon licensed to practice bone surgeries.

In Ontario, a chiropodist is someone who trained for three years after university to deal with the feet and foot issues. He or she assesses and manages foot and lower limb disorders, injuries, infections and local manifestations of systemic conditions like diabetes. Chiropodists can prescribe some topical and oral medications within their scope of practice to treat foot problems.

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