Woman experiencing Heel PainFrom flat feet to back pain, many people walk around in shoes that are uncomfortable and with limited support. Yet, they do not realize that their shoes are causing the chronic pain. Orthopedic shoes are designed to fit your feet perfectly and provide you with support and pain relief. The good news is that while past selections of orthopedic shoes were not as fashionable, today it is hard to tell an orthopedic shoe from a regular one.

Benefits of Orthopedic Shoes in Your Foot Care

Orthopedic shoes offer numerous benefits and if you have been suffering from chronic pain, orthopedics may be prescribed as part of your treatment. Some benefits to wearing these specialized shoes include:

  • They are Good for Your Feet – The term ‘ortho’ comes from Greek roots and means ‘correct’ or ‘right’ – which makes sense because orthopedic shoes offer arch support, heel support and help proportion your body’s weight more appropriately.
  • They Prevent Pain – If you are faced with chronic pain, the bones and muscles of your feet are suffering. These pains are your foot’s way of telling you that they are in danger of becoming seriously injured. Orthopedic shoes help prevent pain and injury.
  • Orthopedic Shoes Come in Numerous Styles – Today, orthopedic shoes can be just as fashionable for men and women as designer shoes. They also come in a variety of widths, sizes and styles.
  • You Can Preserve Your Mobility – Foot injuries and chronic pain can prevent you from staying on your feet. With proper foot care and the right orthopedic shoes, you can stay healthy and get around as normal.
  • They May Prevent Costly Foot Surgeries – While orthopedic shoes do cost more than your average shoe, they cost considerably less than foot surgery. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to painful bunions and hammertoes, which often require surgery to correct. Wearing orthopedic shoes can prevent these conditions and protect the overall health of your feet.

Schedule An Appointment for Orthopedic Shoe Fitting Today

If you have noticed that you have chronic pain or you have already been told you need orthopedic shoes, schedule your fitting with Comfort Stride today. Because these shoes are customized to the unique attributes of your feet, including fallen arches, toe sizes, etc., you need a fitting appointment to ensure the right shoe is designed for you.

Schedule your fitting today at Comfort Stride. Give us a call at 647-989-7794 for a consultation.

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