How Improper Footwear Could Cause Back Pain

Orthopedic Shoes and Custom Orthotics Can Help Avert or Minimize Back Pain There are no shortages of water-cooler conversations or coffee break exchanges in which people have recounted how they experienced some degree of back pain; falling asleep in an awkward position on a couch, too much gardening for one day, lifting a heavy object,… Continue reading How Improper Footwear Could Cause Back Pain

The Importance Of Footwear

Hi folks, 2015 marks the start of my 9th year in practice as a chiropodist (foot specialist). I was trying to think about what to write for my blog, I realized that 80% of all the people who come to see me for a foot problem have had a bad shoe or two in their… Continue reading The Importance Of Footwear

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