Orthopedic doctor shows the cause of flat feetHaving flat feet is a common condition that involves a flattened or fallen arch on the inside of your foot. This allows the sole of your foot to come into complete contact with the floor when you are standing. While typically painless, flat feet can contribute to issues with your ankles and knees because your body becomes misaligned. If you are suffering from ankle and knee pain, you should see a podiatrist in Toronto for treatment.

Sometimes flat feet are present at birth, but there are also risk factors that can increase a person’s likelihood of developing flat feet later in life. These can include over-use of the foot or wearing inadequate shoes, obesity, diabetes, aging and even a foot injury.

Common Issues Associated with Flat Feet

Most individuals will not have any symptoms or issues with their flat feet. However, when left untreated, flat feet can eventually cause:

  • Severe foot pain or cramps – especially in the heel and arch area of the foot.
  • Swelling along the inside of the ankle due to excess pressure.
  • Over-pronation, which forces the legs to turn inward and contribute to overuse injuries; including shin splints and chronic back issues.
  • Flat feet may also lead to chronic heel spurs, which are very painful.

The Best Way to Correct Flat Feet

A podiatrist creating custom orthotics to provide adequate arch supportIf flat feet are causing pain or disrupting your daily life, you will need to seek treatment from a podiatrist. Some ways a podiatrist can help you with your flat feet include:

  • Recommending custom orthotics to provide you with adequate arch support.
  • Recommending shoes that are motion-controlled, also known as stability shoes.
  • In severe cases, the tendon may need to be cleaned and repaired and joints in the foot may need to be fused (surgically) to correct the positioning of the foot’s arch. However, most podiatrists will recommend orthotics first before using surgical correction.

Schedule Your Appointment with a Podiatrist Today

If you suspect you have flat feet, meet with a Comfort Stride podiatrist today. We can assess the arches of your feet and recommend a treatment option as well as orthopedic shoes to help provide your feet with the support they need.

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