Feet and Ankles Swollen After Air Travel?If you go to your local shoe store, you may see in-shoe devices referred to as “orthotics”, but this is a loosely thrown around term in the retail industry. Orthotics are not all custom and unless you receive one that is designed specifically to the curvature and unique features of your feet, you will not be getting the support you need.

Custom Orthotics are Prescription Products

A true custom orthotic is one that is considered a medical device; therefore, you need to see a foot specialist to get a prescription for one. These orthotics are designed to control the specific functions of your foot as well as the alignment of your foot with the leg. They can accommodate painful areas you have on the foot, such as pressure points or corns.

Custom orthotics work well for patients as long as they also wear accommodating shoes. With the right orthotic, a patient can experience less pain or an elimination of pain in their lower legs and joints.

To receive a prescription for custom orthotics, you will need to schedule an appointment with Comfort Stride. We can do an assessment which includes:

  • Medical history
  • Getting a history of complaints for your feet and lower legs
  • Performing a biomechanical exam while you are standing or lying down to assess any restrictions of the joints
  • Performing a Gait assessment
  • Checking for fallen arches
  • Creating a three-dimensional plaster casting or using laser technology to properly measure the foot
  • Writing a detailed prescription so that your custom orthotic is designed to meet the specific needs of your feet

Types of Custom Orthotics

  • Rigid Orthotics – These help realign your feet and are used for walking and/or dress shoes. They are made from harder materials, such as plastic or carbon fibers.
  • Soft Orthotics – These contain protective materials that are accommodating to your feet. They help absorb shock, can improve balance, and are used for arthritic, diabetic or deformed feet.
  • Semi-Rigid Orthotics – These offer protection and control. They are ideal for walking and sports participation and are made up of layers of soft material as well as reinforced with rigid materials.

If you are experiencing ongoing foot pain, book a consultation with Comfort Stride for Custom Orthotics. Give us a call at 647-989-7794.

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