Foot Doctor helping patient with injury in Foot ClinicResidents of Mississauga can rely on the licensed podiatrists at Comfort Stride Foot Clinic for a wide range of professional foot care services and treatments. As licensed members of the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine and the Ontario Society of Chiropodists, these skilled professionals have extensive experience in helping patients keep their feet healthy and free of pain.

It is highly likely that a vast majority of people take their feet for granted; they might stand in place for hours, walk considerable distances, climb up/down stairs, and take part in many daily activities such as driving a car, bicycling, or jogging on a treadmill, without giving any thought to the role played by their feet – unless pain or discomfort prevent them from doing so in comfort or, in some extremes, from not doing them at all.

There are several reasons why individuals may need the services of a foot care professional:

  • Injuries
  • Infections
  • Deformities
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic Conditions

If foot pain/discomfort may be hindering their quality of life, Mississauga residents can call Comfort Stride Foot Clinic at 647-430-3444 for professional care by a certified chiropodist.

Comfort Stride Foot Clinic Provides Comprehensive Care for Feet and Lower Limbs

The Comfort Stride specialists provide their services for a comprehensive range of concerns related to the feet and lower limbs:

It is important to note that, in most cases, foot clinic services are not covered by OHIP, the provincial health insurance plan for Ontario. Podiatrist services are covered under Veterans Affairs Canada and by the Non-Insured Health Benefits program (NIHB). Those who receive support/assistance through Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program may be eligible for coverage of corrective footwear.

Foot Care Services to Help Treat Mobility Issues for Residents of Mississauga

Doctor bandaging her patient ankleThe City of Mississauga offers a wide variety of amenities that cater to the recreational and entertainment needs of local residents as well as the thousands of people who visit the city on an annual basis. Some of the more popular sites and attractions in this area include:

  • Playdium
  • Hershey Centre
  • Erin Mills Town Centre
  • Square One Shopping Centre
  • Mississauga Celebration Square

Whether individuals and families drive themselves to these locations or use the Mississauga Transit System (MiWay), their overall perceptions of these experiences will likely depend on their degree of mobility after they arrive on site. For those who suffer from acute or chronic foot pain/discomfort, any interest and/or pleasure can be severely hindered such that they need to leave prematurely or, in some cases, not even consider these types of venues at all.

These individuals could find the professional foot care services provided by the certified podiatrists at Comfort Stride to be quite beneficial. Restricted mobility can adversely affect overall health and quality of life; the staff from Comfort Stride can help restore mobility and thereby allow residents of Mississauga to enjoy the facilities and activities available to them in this vibrant and multicultural municipality.

For expert foot care services in Mississauga, call the qualified specialists at Comfort Stride today at 647-560-1030 or contact us to discuss your specific foot care concerns/needs.

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