What Do I See?

What Do I do?

treat-plantar-wartsWart viruses live by the blood and nerves endings of your feet. Therefore you normally would see either pinpoint bleeding or little tiny black dots within the confines of the area. They also hurt to squeeze.

The most important thing in treating a wart is to treat it often and keep it covered in an airtight bandage. This is why a common household remedy is to cover it in duct tape. Although the tape is good to make a seal around the wart, it is not very mild on the surrounding skin and you might cause skin irritation. I suggest several layers of medical tape.

Over the counter wart remedies and/or prescription treatments should be used at least every other day. Chiropodist/podiatrist treatments should be conducted approximately 1-2 weeks apart. The more often you treat it, the more temporary damage you cause the wart and the fast the recovery process. Warts are stubborn and it can takes weeks or even months to remedy because activity level is a major hindrance to fixing the problem. The more you are on your feet, the more they can stick around. My athletes are unfortunately the worst for this. We have many different ways to help treat your warts. From the youngest child to the eldest grandparent, we can customize a treatment right for you. Take it easy out there and know that a cure is on its way!


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