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If you have diabetes, proper foot care is critical to your overall health. Improper care can lead to serious disease or even amputation of your foot or leg. Because of your diabetes, you are more prone to foot problems in general; from foot pain to chronic conditions. This is because diabetes naturally reduces blood flow and damages the nerves of the feet.

It is estimated that one out of five individuals with diabetes will endure a hospital stay due to foot problems. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent this and take care of your feet.

How to Properly Care for Feet If You Are Diabetic

Caring for your feet may require daily work, but doing so will pay off. Some things you can do include:

  • Taking Care of Your Diabetes – You cannot prevent foot issues if you do not control your disease. You need to monitor your blood glucose and control levels so that you stay healthy overall.
  • Inspect Your Feet – Each day before getting dressed, you should look at your bare feet. Look for any signs of redness, cuts, swelling or blisters. If you see them, contact a foot clinic in Toronto right away.
  • Be Active – Staying active can actually improve blood flow throughout your body, including your feet.
  • Wash Your Feet Daily – Always keep your feet clean and sanitary. That means washing them and then drying them; paying particular attention to space between the toes.
  • Trim Your Toenails – Diabetics are also prone to toenail issues. Make sure you keep your nails trimmed straight across and file the edges slightly to prevent cuts.
  • Wear Shoes and Socks – Because it takes longer for scrapes and cuts to heal, keep your feet protected by wearing shoes and socks at all times.
  • Keep Up the Blood Flow to Your Feet – When sitting, keep your feet up. Wiggle your toes around and move your ankles up and down for five minutes at least two to three times per day. Never cross your legs for long periods of time and do not smoke, as this decreases blood flow.

What Are My Treatment Options?

A woman holding her ankle in painIf you are suffering from cuts, sores or diabetic foot pain, you do have treatment options to help make you more comfortable and avoid any serious complications. You should contact a professional right away if you notice sores or wounds that will not heal, ingrown toenails, calluses, redness, blackening of the skin, bunions, or if you have an infection on your foot.

Treatment options will vary depending on the severity of your foot condition, but can include special medications, infection treatment or procedures to improve blood flow.

Do you have diabetic foot pain? Seek diabetic foot care in Toronto from the experts at Comfort Stride. Call us at 647-989-7794 now to schedule an appointment.


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