foot care clinicsThink about it; your feet take on a lot. Not only do they support the weight of your entire body, but they are crammed into shoes, taken barefoot across harsh surfaces, and made to carry your weight all day. Having pain and cramps in your feet is not uncommon, but there are times your foot pain may be more than just fatigue. It could be a way for your feet to tell you that something more serious is going on.

What is a Foot Cramp?

Foot cramps are involuntary spasms that affect one or multiple muscles in the foot. They can be very painful and last for a few short minutes or sometimes for hours. Most foot cramps come on suddenly and may even be so painful that they immobilize your foot. If you experience foot pain and cramps daily, you need to visit a specialist.

The signs of a foot cramp are noticeable on their own, but there are other symptoms that you may experience because of those cramps, including:

  • Pain, which can be severe or mild and last for a few minutes.
  • A hard, tense feel to the muscle when you touch it.
  • You can still walk, but it is painful.
  • If you walk, you may notice it decreases your pain.

What Causes Foot Pain and Cramps?

Foot cramps can develop for multiple reasons, from overuse to chronic conditions. Some of the more common causes of foot cramps include:

  • Muscle fatigue and stress – using your feet too much or increase in activity and exercise levels
  • Poor circulation
  • Malnutrition, vitamin D deficiency
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Flat feet
  • Hormone imbalances or thyroid gland malfunction
  • Injury or trauma to the foot or a failure to stretch properly before exercise
  • Dehydration
  • Pinched nerve
  • Improper shoes

Getting Treatment at Foot Care Clinics

If you experience prolonged or frequent foot pain, you should see a foot doctor. At home treatments, such as the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) can alleviate most foot cramps. If the pain remains even after home treatment, you should visit a specialist at one of Comfort Stride’s foot care clinics. We can assess the cause of your foot cramps and pain and put you on the right course of treatment.

Are you constantly experiencing foot cramps? It may be time to visit a chiropodist at your local foot care clinic to see what is causing your foot pain. Book an appointment with Comfort Stride today.


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