Types of Foot Injuries from SportsFrom broken bones to bruises, sprains and lacerations, there are plenty of injuries a person can encounter while playing sports. Even low-impact sports come with risk of injury, and the foot is one of those more vulnerable areas. Unfortunately, these types of injuries are difficult to diagnose and treat; so going to a general physician may not always help. You need to see a specialist foot doctor.

Because your foot bears a tremendous amount of weight, and in sports, absorbs impact, it is no wonder foot injuries are common in athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Common Causes of Athletic Training Foot Injuries

There are a variety of ways an athlete could injure their feet, but a few of the more common include:

  • Rapidly engaging in physical activity without a proper warm up
  • Overusing the feet, ankles or even engaging in sports without letting a previous injury recover
  • Intense workouts for prolonged periods of time
  • Improper footwear or ill-fitting footwear
  • Playing on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete

The Most Common Injuries Seen in Athletes

The sheer amount of pressure put on a person’s foot while engaging in rigorous activity or even working out can lead to foot injuries. Some of the most common injuries seen in athletes, include:

  • Turf Toe – Also referred to as a big toe joint, this injury is caused by hyperextension of the toe and it damages soft tissues that support the toe from the top. Most athletes will experience pain, tenderness, and swelling in the area.
  • Ankle Sprain – The pressure on the ankles and feet can lead to an ankle sprain. Most athletes will still continue to practice or even workout despite their sprain, which never allows it to heal properly.
  • Blisters – Blisters occur when there is friction between the skin and the shoe. As heat builds up inside, it can force the skin to swell and turn red. Blisters can be extremely painful.
  • Broken Toes – Toe fractures often occur due to trauma or extreme impact to the foot. In severe fractures, a person may see a deformity in the toe.
  • Bruised Foot or Heel – Repetitive impact to the heel or foot can lead to bruises. These bruises can cause tremendous amounts of pain, especially if the athlete continues to use the injured foot.
  • Stress Fractures – A calcaneal stress fracture is a small, hairline fracture in the heel bone that occurs from repetitive impact and is common when an athlete plays on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.

Foot Injury Treatment Options

Getting treatment for these common injuries requires seeing a specialist. Because it is difficult for general practitioners to recognize foot injuries, seeing a foot specialist is your best option for accurate foot injury diagnosis. Treatment will depend on the type of injury and severity of it – such as physical therapy, getting custom orthotics, and even pain management.

Are you suffering from any of the symptoms or common injuries above? If you have injured your foot, call us at 647-989-7794 to schedule an appointment with one of our foot care specialists at Comfort Stride today.


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