Proper foot care is important if you suffer from diabetes and it is part of a proper diabetes management plan. Individuals who suffer from diabetes are more prone to foot ailments, including neuropathy, injury and vascular disease. If you need help with diabetic foot care management in Toronto, visit your local foot clinic and receive the right treatment from a foot doctor.

Inspect Your Feet Daily

At least two times per day, you should look your feet over—preferably morning and night. Check for any ailments such as blisters, open cuts and sores, or areas that are red. Any open cuts and sores should be cleaned and bandaged immediately. Check on your cuts to make sure they are healing. If cuts and sores are not healing properly or you notice they are turning red and draining, visit a foot clinic right away.

Protect Your Feet

Your feet need daily washing with mild soap and warm water. Don’t forget to clean between the toes. Pat your feet dry and apply a lotion (everywhere except in between your toes) specifically designed for people with diabetes. You can buy these lotions from your local foot clinic and make sure they are approved by your chiropodist. Proper moisture protects your feet from fissures which are prone to infection. Wear the right type of shoe for your feet and wear socks designed for comfort. Avoid walking barefoot.

Foot Disease Prevention

If you have elevated blood sugar, you are at higher risk for neuropathy and nerve damage. If this occurs, you can lose sensation in your feet and even suffer from more complicated issues in the future. See a chiropodist regularly for preventative care and avoid these types of complications when you suffer from diabetes.

Consult A Chiropodist

Even with proper care and maintenance at home, you still need to visit a chiropodist regularly. Routine examinations can catch any signs of neuropathy, disease and infection. Visit a foot clinic at least once a year to have your feet examined by a Chiropodist.

If you are suffering from diabetes and looking for a foot clinic in Toronto, the Chiropodist at Comfort Stride can help you. Make an appointment today!


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