Morton’s Neuroma is characterized by a swollen, inflamed nerve that is located on the ball of the foot in between the bones. A lot of patients may not realize they have Morton’s Neuroma, but they definitely recognize the pain and discomfort that comes with it. Visiting a chiropodist in Scarborough can help early diagnosis and get you on the right course of treatment. Also, regular visits to a foot clinic can help you prevent one from ever occurring.

The Causes Of Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is commonly found in the second or third spacing from the base of your big toe. It is typically caused by a compression of the sensation nerve located at the end of the metatarsal bones on the base of your toes. Wearing the wrong type of footwear is a common cause of Morton’s Neuroma, because it binds the forefoot.

Do You Already Have Morton’s Neuroma?

If you have Morton’s Neuroma, you will notice a sharp, burning pain or numbness in the bottom of your foot. The pain can also radiate to neighboring toes and it gets worse when you walk or press on the ball of your foot. For some people, the pain is so severe they have difficulty walking or take on a limp to relieve it.

How A Chiropodist Can Treat Morton’s Neuroma

Sometimes treatment is as simple as prescribing rest. Anti-inflammation medications, ice packs, metatarsal head supports, and better-fitting shoes are also common treatments. If you are suffering from intense pain, a chiropodist can use a local cortisone injection for fast relief. For those with persistent Morton’s Neuroma, surgery may be required to remove the swollen nerve tissue.

Visit A Foot Clinic Regularly For Prevention

Morton’s Neuroma can be prevented by wearing the right type of footwear. Proper-fitting footwear that does not compress the forefoot can help avoid the development of Morton’s neuroma and also keep it from flaring up if you already have it.

If you are suffering from foot pain and looking for a foot clinic in Scarborough, call Comfort Stride today.


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