It’s that time of year again, and since we have a month until it’s Christmas, I would like to talk about the ones in need as the holiday season is a fantastic time to help the less fortunate and give what we can to help our fellow man. As I have done in May for International Foot Health Awareness month, Comfort Stride will be conducting its second annual sock drive! This will be to benefit the less fortunate over the holidays to provide one of the most mundane yet useful things we have in our houses. Socks!

Our Bradford location will once again collect new socks for the Blue Door Shelter of the Bradford, West Gwillimbury area. Our Scarborough location will collect for the Second Base Youth Shelter for the Scarborough area. We were so happy we could help and both shelters were super happy with our donation. I want to thank Bradford and Scarborough for bringing in their socks or donating money to our sock drive.

As we did earlier in May, we will be taking any type of socks with a special focus on children and youth socks. Most people tend to donate men’s socks as they should fit women in some cases. However, let’s not forget our youth boys and girls as well as children or even infant socks. These shelters provide care and services for all ages and we don’t want to forget this group! Earlier in the year in Bradford, we managed to collect over $60 in cash and I ended up with a giant box of socks for the Blue Door Shelters. In Scarborough, it was just slightly less than that. This season, I want to see if we can double the amount. The word is going out in to the local newspapers, my website, as well as posters I will have up at the clinics.

I also wanted to thank all who participated in our open house even on October 18th. Without you, we wouldn’t be in business. Thank you for coming in to visit us and of course, thanks to all our clients who continually use our services. At this point, I would like to congratulate Wendy Deller of Scarborough who took part in a door prize raffle and won herself an iPod mini! She told us that she can now keep up with her grandkids in terms of technology. I certainly hope they teach her how to use it as I am sure she will enjoy listening to music on it for years to come! Winner Of The Comfort Stride Prize Draw

So stop by, whether you are a patient or not, and please give a pair of new socks or donate $2 in lieu of socks towards our Christmas Holiday Sock Drive. We thank you ahead of time and Happy Holidays!


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