How Often Should I Replace My Custom Orthotics?

Foot Doctor Holding Model Of A FootBroken, torn or even worn out orthotics could affect you more than you may realize. From hindering your comfort while walking to causing backaches and headaches, worn orthotics do your body more harm than good. So how do you know when it is time to replace your custom orthotics?

Typically, all it takes is a quick look over and considering a few factors to tell whether or not it is time for replacement.

How To Tell If Your Custom Orthotics Need To Be Replaced

While there is no strict timeline, most custom orthotics will last one to five years. Determining if they need replacement comes down to their appearance and how often they are used.

  • Pain – If you experience any type of pain, whether it is in the back, feet or ankles, it may be time to replace your orthotics. You should not experience pain while standing, jogging or even jumping in your orthotics. Also, your feet should not experience pain from calluses or corns, which are signs your feet have been rubbing inside your shoe.
  • Age – Most orthotics will last one to five years. If your custom orthotics were made from hard plastic, you usually only need a replacement every three to five years. If, however, they are made from soft plastic or foam, they may need replacement every year.
  • Use – If you use orthotics to get around or just for your day-to-day activities, they will not wear as quickly as those used for sports and recreational activities. Activities like jogging, for example, wear down your orthotics quicker than wearing them while at work each day.
  • Wear or Damage – Take a look at your orthotics. If you see any cracks, broken pieces or the soles have worn thin, it is time to replace them.
  • Shoes – Look at the bottom of your shoes. Orthotics are meant to correct any deformities in your feet, including alignment of your body. Checking your shoes can tell you if there are any signs of uneven wear.
  • Changes – Significant lifestyle changes require new custom orthotics. For example, if you have had knee surgery, become pregnant, etc. you may need new orthotics to accommodate the changes in your body.

Are Your Custom Orthotics Covered By Insurance?

Before you replace your orthotics, check with your insurance carrier. Sometimes your insurance carrier may allow for replacements or upgrades every year or every few years.

If you think it is time to replace your orthotics, visit the team at Comfort Stride for your custom orthotics. Our team can evaluate the condition of your current orthotics as well as your alignment and pain to help determine if you need a replacement.

We can help you determine how frequently you need to replace your custom orthotics. Visit one of our foot care clinics near you today.

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