Chiropodist Checking The Bottom Of A Patient's FootIf you have ever taken the time to look at your feet, you may notice that they are not flat. Instead, there is a curve on the bottom middle, known as the arch that is formed from the tendons of your heel and foot. These tendons form a healthy, moderate arch. When the tendons do not pull together as they are supposed to, you will have flat feet problems – which often come with their own set of foot problems.

Common Flat Foot Problems

Flat feet do not cause problems in all individuals, but those who do have symptoms may experience:

  • Tiring – You notice that your feet ache or tire easily, even if you are just walking a short distance or are not very active.
  • Pain or Aching – A dull or sharp pain may be present in the heels and arch areas.
  • Swelling – You may experience swelling in your feet, even if you do not stand much throughout the day.
  • Difficulty Moving – Standing on your toes and other foot movements may be difficult.
  • Other Pain – Back and leg pain can occur due to inappropriate support from your flat feet.

What Causes Flat Feet?

Flat feet happen for numerous reasons – from being born with them to stretching your tendons to nerve problems. Some conditions may increase your likelihood for developing flat foot problems in the future too, including pregnancy, diabetes and obesity.

Treatment For Flat Foot Problems

Your treatment will depend on the severity of your flat feet problem. Some treatment options include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Rest and icing the affected area to reduce swelling and pain
  • Feet stretching exercises
  • Injected medications or pain relief medications
  • Orthotic devices

Getting Help For Flat Foot Problems

For some people, flat feet are just an annoyance, but for others they can debilitate their lifestyle and even lead to chronic pain. If you suffer from pain, swelling or have difficulty moving, you should seek assistance from a chiropodist right away. While at-home care can alleviate some symptoms, you may require surgery to correct the issue.

Take a self-test or visit one of our foot care clinics to determine whether you have flat foot problems. We will recommend suitable solutions and treatment to help you.


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