Foot Care Recommendations for Prevention and Treatment of Ingrown Toenails

Beautiful Female FeetMany people have undoubtedly heard a relative or friend talk about some discomfort and inconvenience they were experiencing as a result of foot pain. In most instances, the listener was likely sympathetic, perhaps asking how the other party incurred their injury and even relating that situation to a previous foot injury of their own; that is, until they learned that the other person’s foot pain was the result of an ingrown toenail.

There are some people who seem to think that foot pain caused by an ingrown toenail is somewhat comical; this may perhaps be a consequence of not having undergone such a painful feeling themselves. But an ingrown toenail is not a laughing matter; in fact, the failure to have this condition treated quickly and properly can lead to complications such as an infection in the surrounding tissue of the toe and/or in the underlying bone; people with diabetes should be particularly vigilant, as the lack of sensitivity in their extremities, i.e. their toes, can actually prevent them from feeling the pain of an ingrown toenail and from seeking treatment by their physician or a registered podiatrist at a Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic in Toronto or Mississauga.

For further information on the importance of treating ingrown toenails with due urgency, go to our Importance of Treating Ingrown Toenail page.

Now that the seriousness of ingrown toenails has been established, here are some of the common causes of this condition:

  • Incorrect nail trimming
  • Ill-fitting or ill-sized shoes
  • Trauma or injury to the toe
  • Foot shape/mechanics (flat feet)
  • Having unusually thick/curved nails

There are several preventative measures/steps that people can take to help avoid the pain, discomfort, and possible complications of ingrown toenails; such steps can include:

  • Practice good hygiene – keep feet clean/dry; wear clean socks and change daily
  • Trim toenails straight across – do not shape nails to match the curve of the toes
  • Trim toenails to a moderate length – not too short; even with the tips of the toes
  • Wear proper fitting shoes – avoid styles that squeeze or crowd toes to any excess
  • Wear protective footwear (steel-toed boots/shoes) – for work or DIY home projects
  • Treat cuticles with care – refrain from cutting, trimming, filing, scratching, or picking
  • Inspect feet daily for signs of ingrown toenails or other issues (people with diabetes)

In the event that an ingrown toenail situation has occurred, those individuals can visit a certified foot doctor at a Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic in Toronto or Mississauga. These specialists can assess the cause and severity of the situation and offer recommendations on lifestyle changes and treatment options respectively; in many cases, home treatment may be sufficient to alleviate the pain/discomfort without the involvement of a podiatrist.

Please visit Our Treatment Options page for tips from the Comfort Stride foot doctors on home treatment remedies for ingrown toenails.

See a Toronto Podiatrist if Home Treatment of Ingrown Toenails is Not Effective

Hiding ToenailsIngrown toenails are one of the more common reasons why people visit foot care clinics.  As stated above, these conditions can often be rectified through home treatment, but if this is unsuccessful, if the pain persists, or there is continued swelling/infection, medical intervention by a podiatrist from Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic may be required.

In such cases, the treatment might involve:

  • Antibiotics and/or painkillers
  • Partial removal of the toenail, or
  • Complete removal of the toenail, or
  • Removal of all/part of the toenail plus some underlying tissue

More information on the treatment of ingrown toenails by the professionals from Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic can be found at Ingrown Toenail Services page.

If you have an acute ingrown toenail or suffer from recurrent episodes of this condition, Call the Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic in Toronto at 647-989-7794 or the Mississauga office at 647-430-3444 today to schedule a consultation with a certified podiatrist and determine the best course of treatment moving forward.


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