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Foot Care Recommendations to Prevent Cold Feet during Scarborough Winters

Feet inside Warm Wool SocksScarborough residents are well aware that winter weather conditions in their community can be particularly nasty. Its proximity to Lake Ontario is a major contributing factor, as bitter winds, heavy snowfall, and cold temperatures are common occurrences throughout the season – and should temperatures happen to rise slightly for a few days, residents need to contend with a not-so-small matter of dampness that seems to cut right through to the bone.

All of these conditions can conspire to make life uncomfortable, if not outright miserable, for the people of Scarborough, particularly in their attempts to stay warm and dry during the winter months; one of the most common complaints often uttered by many locals as they step in from the cold relates to the challenges of keeping their feet and toes warm.

The feet/toes are the furthest parts of the body from the heart, and during cold weather conditions, they can be robbed of warm circulating blood as the body conserves internal resources to keep its central core at a comfortable temperature; this is often the reason why feet and toes will feel cold and numb, sometimes to the point of being quite painful.

Therefore, to help Scarborough residents avoid/prevent the pain and discomfort that can be associated with cold feet over the winter, here are some foot care recommendations:

  • Dress warmly from head to toe including a hat, scarf, and gloves
  • Wear two pairs of thin socks during particularly cold temperatures
  • Avoid remaining motionless – moving about will help with circulation
  • Limit caffeine – constricts blood vessels, limiting blood flow to the feet (note that similar circumstances will pertain to smoking and nicotine)
  • Wear proper winter boots – forfeit style in order to keep feet warm/dry
  • Enjoy occasional foot baths – soaking in warm water will refresh the feet

While cold feet (the literal version, not the figurative reference to second thoughts about marriage) can be a problem for any individual, it can be especially disconcerting to those with such conditions as:

  • Diabetes
  • Blocked arteries
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Narrowing of the arteries

In situations such as the above, where cold feet or general foot care may be an ongoing concern, it may be advisable for these individuals to consult with a certified chiropodist, such as a professional from Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic in Scarborough, for guidance and/or treatment options specific to their respective needs.

Speak with a Podiatrist about Concerns Relating to Cold Feet in the Winter

Couple Drinking TeaThere are many reasons why people may need professional foot care services, including:

  • Injuries
  • Infections
  • Deformities
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic Health Issues
  • Improper Footwear Issues

The team from Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic in Scarborough can address and provide services for a range of concerns relating to the feet in general and cold feet in particular; these services can include:

  • Corrective Footwear – custom orthotics and orthopedic shoes
  • Chronic Foot Care/Treatment – relative to diabetes, arthritis

For additional information on the full range of foot care services provided by the licensed podiatrists at Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic, see our Foot Care Services page.

If cold feet have caused you pain or discomfort during past winter seasons, Call Comfort Stride Foot Clinic today at 647-989-7794 or Contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our certified podiatrists before the truly cold weather returns.


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