You rely on your ankles a lot more than you might realize. Unfortunately, it is not until you injure your ankle that you realize how much you depend on it. Ankle injuries can occur at any time; and they do not just happen from sports or exercising. From ankle sprains to fractures to strains, the injuries can be debilitating. Once an ankle injury occurs, it is imperative you take action to not only get proper treatment, but avoid getting a repeat injury in the future.

Ankle Sprains, Fractures And Strains

The most common types of ankle injuries are fractures, strains and sprains. Fractures occur when there are one or more breaks in the ankle bones. An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments of the ankle tear (typically occurring on the outside area of the ankle). While strains are more common in the legs or lower back region, some people can suffer from ankle strains when the tendons supporting the ankle become strained.

What Causes Ankle Injuries?

  • Trips and falls
  • Landing in an awkward position after a jump or fall
  • Walking, running and jogging on uneven surfaces
  • Rolling your ankle
  • Rotating or twisting the ankle in an unnatural position
  • Sudden impact injuries (such as a car accident)

Proper Ankle Injury Treatment Is Key

When an ankle injury occurs, it is imperative that you follow the PRICE method. This will help prevent further damage and increase recovery time. The PRICE method means:

  • P – Protecting the injured joint or region with a brace, splint or wrap
  • R – Resting the injured area and not putting any weight on it during recovery
  • I – Icing the area to reduce swelling
  • C – Compressing the injured area with a tensor wrap
  • E – Elevating the injury to prevent additional swelling (which can cause more pain)

Also, it is imperative your injury is correctly diagnosed by a professional. Because it is easy to mistake an ankle sprain for strain or even fracture, only a professional foot doctor can diagnose and suggest the proper ankle injury treatment. By seeking out treatment and using the proper recovery method within the first few hours after injury, you can actually reduce recovery time.

The experts at Comfort Stride can assess your ankle injury and prescribe the right course of ankle injury treatment. While recovery depends on the severity of your injury, seeking out treatment early enough can decrease your recovery time significantly. Also, Comfort Stride’s doctors can suggest ways to prevent future ankle sprains and injuries, so that you can get back and stay on your feet comfortably.

Do not suffer through ankle pain. Get the right ankle injury treatment and care today from Comfort Stride by visiting one of our foot clinic locations.


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