Over a quarter of Americans have flat feet, but most of them do not know about it. While flat feet are not necessarily a cause for concern, they are known culprits for foot pain, knee issues, and other ailments. Therefore, it is important to determine whether or not you have flat feet. With timely remedial measures and the right support, you can avoid discomfort or further foot concerns in the future.

There are several ways to tell if you have flat foot problems. If you are already suffering from ankle, foot or knee pain, you need an assessment to see if fallen arches are the cause. But, even without pain, there are ways to tell:

Evaluating Your Shoes

Take your shoes and place them on a flat surface so that they are at eye level to you. Take a look at the soles and see if they have worn evenly. If you have flat feet, you will notice more wear on the inside of the sole (especially at the heel). Your shoes will rock from side-to-side with ease as well.

Footprint Test

Take a shallow pan and fill it with water. Wet the sole of your foot entirely, then step down onto a blank piece of paper or shopping bag to make a footprint. Remove your foot and observe the space. A normal foot will leave all of the toes, the full heel, and half of the arch on the footprint. If you see the entire arch area of the foot, you have fallen arches.

The Mirror Test

Stand, with your feet parallel and with your back to a floor-length mirror. You should only see your pinky toe from behind. If you have flat foot problems, you will be able to see your fourth and possibly, the third toe as well.

What Happens When You Have Flat Feet?

Flat feet, when properly cared for, will not cause any pain and discomfort. If you perform any of these at-home evaluations and think you have fallen arches, contact a foot clinic in Toronto right away. You may need to be fitted with custom orthotics for your shoes or evaluated for underlying conditions, such as an issue with your posterior tibial tendon.

At Comfort Stride, we will assess your fallen arches and determine the proper course of action based on why you have flat feet in the first place.

Visit our foot clinic today to get a professional assessment and timely treatment if you are experiencing flat foot problems.

Contact us and speak with our chiropodist and see how we can help you today.


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