Sweaty Feet

The smell on our feet is a result of bacteria build up. We grow bacteria on our feet as a result excessive sweat. Our patients who have the smelliest feet, tend perspire a lot. Our construction workers, athletes, sweaty teenagers are amongst the sweatiest.

Our hands may sweat and even our heads may sweat but the epocrine glands on our feet out the most oxygen deprived. Why? We stuff our feet into work boots and socks. What we forget to do is to keep our feet dry.

I think I recall the first rule of war. Keep your feet dry. Was that lieutenant Dan from Forest Gump? True words for the rest of us. We all remember history class and what trench foot did to World War I troops.

So something we don’t think about is changing our socks. I don’t mean at the end of the day. I mean at any chance you get when your feet are went. Let’s not forget the primary purpose of socks. Why do we wear them? It’s to keep our feet warm, yes. But we also wear them to wick moisture or sweat away from our feet and keep them dry. One of the most common things I say to my patients is that you can wash your socks but you can’t easily wash your shoes. So wear socks and switch them throughout the day. I usually suggest changing them at every break. Morning break, lunch time, afternoon break and before you go home. When at home, let those doggies air out!

Stinky Feet

Another suggestion is to use an antiperspirant. Not a deodorant but an antiperspirant with a silver content. The highest amount being Drysol. This can be found her the counter at any local pharmacy. You can even try applying a simple foot spray like a spray on antiperspirant at every sock change mentioned earlier.

Keep your feet dry and you’ll find a lot of sweat and bacteria related problems like skin build up, foot fungus, toenail fungus and overall stinky feet will improve.

Really excessive patients may look into Botox injections with their physician but most health practitioners would recommend against something so drastic. You are messing with you sympathetic nervous system. (Involuntary functions of your body).

So in summary: (If this was tl;dr)

  1. Keep Feet dry
  2. Change socks throughout the day at every break time 3-4 times per day
  3. Use an antiperspirant (something with a silver content) at every sock change

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