foot care clinicsChiropodists are health care professionals that diagnose and treat foot ailments. These specialty physicians are often referred to by other primary care physicians and health care professionals, but a referral note is not required.

If you suffer from any type of foot ailment, it may benefit you to see a chiropodist in Bradford for diagnosis.

The Training a Chiropodist Brings to Your Benefit

To become a chiropodist, an individual must go through seven to eight years of post-secondary school and training. These individuals often have Bachelor’s degrees in science in addition to a three to four year certificate from a Chiropody Program.

Chiropodist training involves didactic and clinical aspects of the mechanics and pathology of the lower limbs. These specialists are trained in dressing and casting orthotics, and measuring for accommodating orthotic devices.

What Can a Chiropodist Do For Me?

Chiropodists offer a variety of services focusing on the feet. Most practitioners can offer services for:

The treatments they offer can vary, but most chiropodists offer everything from foot physical therapy to surgical procedures to administering medications.

Should You See a Chiropodist?

A chiropodist offers a diverse selection of services that could benefit you if you have any type of foot problems. Whether you are suffering from chronic foot pain or you have open sores on your feet due to your diabetes, a chiropodist in Bradford may be able to help.

When looking for a chiropodist, you will want to check their licensing and make sure they are in good standing. You may also want to see if they offer additional services, such as custom orthotics or diabetic foot care. Look for a foot clinic in Bradford that offers services for the entire family so that everyone can have their foot issues diagnosed and treated.

Wondering if you need to see a chiropodist? Book an appointment at the Comfort Stride foot clinic in Bradford to see how we can help.


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