Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas

I was once told that the best gift for anyone would be something they can really use and that they would never think of, to buy themselves. Perhaps it is out of not being able to afford it, or that they simply didn’t think of it.

A pair of custom made foot orthotics is the perfect solution to that problem! Some people just might not have the coverage for these items. It doesn’t mean that they cannot use them, nor does it mean that they are not medically necessary. They might have just put it off until they have benefits. Why not give the gift of pain free walking? On top of things, athletes tend to wear foot orthotics to put their feet into optimum condition.

Not all custom foot orthotics are made the same. Go to a chiropodist or podiatrist who is licensed to not only prescribe but to oversee the entire orthotic manufacture and fitting process. We will get the right pair for your loved one.

I have encountered many people who would like to get orthotics because they need them and sometimes, they want them. However, without insurance coverage, they are either reluctant or unable to afford them. When compared to other medical items like leg braces or knee braces, they are relatively inexpensive. However, in a society where we are trained to have all things either covered by the government or private health insurance, paying for anything out of pocket can be alarming. I totally understand.

Help your loved ones take that leap into walking comfort and mobility. Help them eliminate the heel pain, arch pain or toe pain that they’ve been complaining about. We can help you help them!

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