Taking Care of your Feet This Winter

Each season, your feet require different types of care. From the footwear you choose to the maintenance you perform, taking care of your feet is essential no matter what the weather outside. This winter, be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way with these winter foot care tips.

Have Well-Fitting Footwear

Trying to keep your summer footwear going all year long not only won’t keep your feet warm, but will also pose a hazard on the icy and snowy ground as the tread on your sneakers isn’t designed to grip in that weather. For these reasons, a great fitting pair of boots is essential in the winter. If they’re too small, they’ll be uncomfortable for walking, squish your toes together, and reduce blood flow to your feet. A reduction in blood flow will make it harder for your body to keep your feet properly heated, despite how warm your boots may be.

On the other hand, having boots that are too large is a problem as well. If the boot is too big, you increase the likelihood of blisters and other foot damage, as well as decrease your stability in the slippery winter streets.

Keep your Footwear Dry

While getting your feet wet in the winter is sometimes inevitable, it’s important to dry your boots completely before putting them back on the next time you go out. There are a few different methods to drying out your boots. There are electric boot dryers, wire drying racks, you can put the lining in the dryer if it’s removable, or you can turn your boot upside down over a floor vent and let your home heating dry out the inside. Also, be sure to change out of wet socks as soon as you can, and perhaps carry a spare set in case you end up in a situation where you’ll have to sit with them for a while.

Tend to your Feet

Taking Care of your Feet This Winter

Your feet will need some special treatment during the harshness of the winter. Be sure to treat them with the kindness they deserve. When your feet get cold, an excellent treatment is to rub them with a moisturizing lotion. This helps to restore blood flow, bringing the temperature back up, and restores some much needed moisture to your feet. Washing your feet often helps to remove any build up, sweat, and dirt you have accumulated throughout the day, and occasionally have a foot soak as well with Epsom salts. For women, another excellent tip for the winter is to refrain from painting your toenails. Your nails will absorb any lotions you’re putting on them much better if they don’t have polish on them, and you will also be able to notice any changed to the nail bed, such as signs of infection, if they are bare.

Choose the Right Socks

While you may not think twice about socks, choosing the right material makes a difference in the winter. You want to wear something warm, yet also moisture controlling. For these reasons, opt for natural materials like wool and cotton. These will wick the moisture away from your foot while keeping the warmth in, whereas a synthetic material allows sweat to stay around your foot. This can make your foot damp, and potentially lead to uncomfortableness and frostbite. Double layering your socks may sound like a good idea as well, but if your feet start to sweat then you can run into problems. The key with your socks no matter what is to be warm and dry.

By following these tips, you can make sure your feet are well taken care of, and you can enjoy your winter! Don’t hesitate to contact our foot clinic today! We have a wide variety of services available to help you with anything you need to keep your feet at their best!


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