Foot Care Tips for Maintaining Healthy Feet throughout the Cold Winter Months

Girl Wearing Warm Wool SocksFrom an early age, many people are taught and reminded to protect all exposed areas of their body from the wind and chill of winter. As a result, it becomes instinctive for these individuals to grab a hat, scarf, and gloves as they head outside to face the bitter cold of the season.

But what about protecting their feet? Although the significant majority of people do not directly expose their feet to the elements of winter, there is still good reason to take the same types of measures for this part of the body as they will for their head, face, neck, and hands; in fact, due to the slushy conditions and slippery footing that can exist during the winter, proper foot care could take on an even greater importance.

Some of the more common complaints heard from local residents throughout the winter season, specifically in relation to their feet, include challenges/issues with the following:

  • Keeping feet dry
  • Keeping feet warm
  • Dry or cracked skin on heels/toes
  • Foot/ankle pain due to injury or footwear
  • Itchy, painful, red swelling of the toes (chilblains)
  • Tingling/burning sensation or loss of feeling (trench foot)

There are several preventative measures that people can take to avert these conditions and their associated pain and discomfort over the winter; such foot care tips consist of:

  • Wash or bathe the feet regularly/daily and dry thoroughly
  • Sprinkle some foot powder into socks before putting them on
  • Wear wool-blend socks rather than cotton socks to keep feet dry
  • Wear suitable footwear i.e. boots that are of the proper size and fit
  • Remove wet footwear as soon as possible; dry it before wearing it again
  • Remove wet socks as soon as possible; dry the feet and don fresh/dry socks
  • Use the proper footwear when participating in winter sports, e.g. skis, skates
  • Warm feet slowly after prolonged periods in the cold (helps prevent chilblains)
  • Ensure that footwear has suitable grip to help minimize slips, falls, and sprains
  • Maintain overall foot hygiene plus good circulation (mobility) to avoid trench foot

At any time of the year, but especially during the cold winter season, it will be important to practice regular and effective foot care. In addition to implementing the foot care tips described above, inspecting the feet on a daily basis would also be appropriate to ensure that any potential issues are identified and addressed in their early stages.

Consult a Podiatrist if Foot Care Becomes a Concern During the Winter Season

Warm Winter ShoesDespite the best of intentions, situations may occur in which the wet and cold conditions of winter gain the advantage over one’s foot care practices; such instances could include repeated episodes of chilblains symptoms, excessive perspiring of the feet (which can be a cause of trench foot), or persistent foot pain due to inadequate or improper footwear.

Regardless of the circumstance, if foot care becomes a concern over the winter, it would be highly advisable to consult with one of the certified podiatrists at the Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic in Scarborough to diagnose the possible reason for the pain, discomfort, or condition and to implement the best course of action to treat or resolve the situation.

The professionals at Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic offer a wide range of services for the treatment of winter foot care-related issues, including but not limited to:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Chilblains symptoms
  • Trench foot symptoms
  • Other circulatory concerns
  • Morton’s Neuroma (due to ill-fitting footwear)

For more information on the comprehensive range of foot care services provided by the specialists at Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic, see our Foot Care Services page.

If you are experiencing foot pain or discomfort over the winter and your home foot care practices are not achieving their desired results, call the certified podiatrists at Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic today at 647-989-7794 or Contact us to request a consultation at your earliest convenience.


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