How To Tell If You Have Flat Feet

Flat foot problems are quite common, and many individuals who suffer from such problems don’t often realize that they can seek foot therapy to ease their suffering. In fact, most people with flat foot problems don’t even realize that they have a problem to begin with.

To find out if you may have flat foot problems, simply wet your feet with some water. Then stand on a flat surface where it will be easy to see your wet footprint. When you view your footprint, if you see a complete print rather than a section missing where the arch of your foot is, then you likely have flat feet. Flat foot problems develop because the tendons that form a normal arch in your foot are not pulling throughout your leg properly.

Other Possible Causes Of Foot Pain And Flat Foot Problems:

In addition to being born with flat feet, other issues may cause you to develop foot pain and flat foot problems. These include:

  • Injuries to the foot, such as torn tendons
  • An inflammation of the tendons
  • Broken bones
  • Issues affecting nerves in the foot
  • Arthritis or other health issues

Foot Therapy And Other Treatments For Flat Foot Problems:

There are various treatments that may be available to you. Some are likely to work better than others due to the nature of your pain. Foot therapy options include:

  • Simply applying ice may help ease foot pain
  • Custom orthotics for improved comfort
  • Seeking massage therapy for your feet or getting advice on stretching exercises to improve your tendons
  • Medications for pain relief, such as anti-inflammatories
  • Special shoes or braces designed to improve your condition or ease pain
  • Surgical options

To learn more about flat foot problems and the right type of foot therapy that may be right for you, contact Comfort Stride now. Learn how our chiropodist can help you today.

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