Man Running Up StairsAthlete’s foot is an uncomfortable and troublesome condition faced by active individuals. It is common and can be fairly straightforward to treat, but can still cause major irritation and should not be ignored; it can also be contagious. It is a skin infection that is caused by fungus and usually occurs between the toes of athletes. Look out for the following symptoms or seek treatment from your local foot care clinic in Bradford to find relief and avoid spreading the infection to other areas of your body or other people.

Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot:

  • Cracked skin
  • Scaling on the feet
  • Itchy skin
  • Red, inflamed or irritated soles

Treatment of Athlete’s Foot:

The degree of your infection will determine the course of action your foot specialist will recommend.

  • Mild cases: Over-the-counter antifungal medication can be effective for mild conditions that are in the early stages. They may be purchased in the form of a powder, lotion or spray. Bleach your socks and shower to avoid a cyclical infection process.
  • Preventative measures: Air out your feet, especially after exercising or wearing unventilated shoes for a long period of time. Avoid letting your feet sit in sweaty socks or excessive moisture and you will be able to deter fungus from forming and spreading. Try not to walk barefoot, especially in public areas such as pools and restrooms.
  • Severe cases: Your physician or foot care specialist in Bradford may recommend more potent fungal creams or other preventative measures that are tailored to your level of activity and unique concerns. Seek attention from a professional if your athlete’s foot is persistent, symptoms last longer than four weeks, or the infection spreads.

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Athlete's Foot TreatmentWhether this is your first encounter with athlete’s foot or you have a recurring problem that you just can’t seem to get rid of, the foot specialists at Comfort Stride can provide you with tailored treatment. We are dedicated to solving your foot problems and keeping your feet healthy and comfortable. With years of experience dealing with common problems like athlete’s foot and specialized cases like ankle injuries, you can trust your feet in our hands. Don’t suffer needlessly. Come in or book an appointment today to learn more about the best way to solve your athlete’s foot or other foot problems in Bradford.

Learn about athlete’s foot, how to treat it, and future prevention options. Come into Comfort Stride or call us at (647) 989-7794.


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