Scarborough Chiropodist Checking The Top Of Patient's Foot On Top Of Foam CushionYou got your mother’s eyes and your father’s nose, but did you know you could also inherit foot problems from your parents? If one of your parents had high arches or bunions, you are more likely to get them too. That is because foot disorders are highly likely to be inherited. A checkup for the entire family at your foot clinic in Toronto is a good idea.

Common Foot Problems That Can Be Inherited

There is a lot that you can inherit from your parents in terms of physical and psychological traits. Some of the more commonly inherited foot problems include:

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • High-Arches
  • Foot Shape

In addition, there are genetic conditions that you can inherit from your parents and these may affect your feet too—even if your parents had exceptional feet. For example, diabetes is known to cause multiple foot complications, such as:

  • Neuropathy – Damage to the nerves of the feet
  • Skin Changes – From very dry skin to peeling or cracking heels
  • Calluses – Diabetic patients are prone to more calluses than those without diabetes
  • Foot Ulcers – These are uncomfortable and can result in a serious infection or loss of a limb if left untreated
  • Circulation Issues – Poor circulation due to narrowing and hardening of the blood vessels

Why Visit A Complete Foot Clinic With The Whole Family?

Bringing the entire family to the same chiropodist offers numerous benefits. Not only will your family history and genetic predispositions be on record in a single location, but you will have the comfort of one doctor treating your entire family. Most insurance plans offer family coverage, including that for young children. You can have your developing child’s feet checked to see if they are at risk for any inherited foot complications, while having your own foot problems treated too.

The team of chiropodists at Comfort Stride is ready to help your family. We have treated multiple generations in the same family and been able to diagnose and treat foot complications more effectively than if our patients sought care in multiple clinics.

Talk to our chiropodist about foot care and coverage or visit one of our foot clinics today.


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