It’s highly probable that most of you would have never even thought of going to your local foot clinic unless absolutely necessary. So, it’s no surprise that you will be astonished when you know that going to your local foot clinic is important not only for your feet, but for your lower back, knees and ankles too. Many problems associated with knee, lower back or the ankles like persistent pain stem from feet problems. So, visiting your local foot clinic will not only help your feet, but can also help your overall body. The foot care experts at Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic and Orthotics offer some concrete reasons why you should head straightaway to your local foot clinic.

Healing your foot

Transitioning to an active lifestyle: If you are recently transitioning to an active lifestyle from a sedentary one like running a marathon or starting morning runs, then it’s a good idea to begin that change with a visit to a foot clinic where you will find plenty of invaluable advice.

Persistent pain: If you are suffering from persistent pain in your knees, feet or ankles then there’s a good chance that it might be because of some issues with your shoes or your feet. Your local foot clinic can help resolve the issue.

Suffering from Diabetes: Diabetics are often plagued by foot pain and infection. Visiting your local foot clinic for regular checkups will prevent serious problems in our feet.

Heel pain: Again, persistent pain in your heels in a sign of issues with your shoe fit or your feet. In cases where the pain is overwhelming to the extent that it interferes with your normal functioning, a visit to your foot clinic will definitely give you some relief from the pain.

Problems with toenails: Toenails can prove to be extremely painful when infected or when they are ingrown. Toenail fungus can also be rather worrisome. Your local foot clinic can help with such toenail issues.

Fractures or sprains: A sprain, strain or a fracture in your feet is not only painful, but also prevents you from walking, standing or running properly. In such cases, it is very crucial to avoid aggravating the injury to prevent further damage and pain. A foot care clinic has all the resources and knowledge to treat these problems.

Getting feet inspected

Surgery: If you are suffering from persistent foot and ankle problems which don’t seem to go away no matter how many doctors you consult, then surgery might be the only available option. A foot care clinic has all the proper resources to perform surgical procedures in consultation with your doctor.
Corns, Calluses, & Bunions – Not only do they make your feet look unsightly, they are also painful. These problems commonly stem from improperly fitting shoes or a particular style of walking. Your local foot care clinic can pinpoint the problem and help your feet look great again.

If you are suffering from any kind of foot problem or you just want to get your feet checked for any problems, call the Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic today at 647-560-1030 to book a consultation with a qualified podiatrist.


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