The history of footwear started out with a clear focus on functionality, that is, to protect the feet against small objects and dust. But, as humanity progressed, footwear also evolved to have a style aspect along with its inherent functionality. Today, it’s a common observation that in an attempt to look fashionable and stylish, people often neglect the ergonomics of their footwear and as a result suffer from various types of foot problems. With an increase in the number of people suffering from foot pain, the foot care experts at Comfort Stride: Foot Care Clinic and Orthotics offer some essential tips that you should follow while buying footwear to reduce foot pain.

Shoes With best fit

  1. Regular measurement of feet – It might be a very less-known fact, but it is true that everyone’s feet undergo change over time resulting in changes in the shape and size of their feet. So, it is important to get your feet measured accurately every time you buy new shoes.
  2. Measure both feet – This is also something that very few people know, but many people have feet that are of different sizes, so to ensure a perfect fit, it is crucial to get both feet measured and then buy shoes accordingly.
  3. Shop in the evening – Your feet undergoes changes as the day progresses and they are at their biggest at the end of the day due to swelling. So, to ensure that your feet don’t get cramped in your new shoes by the time you are done for the day, always buy shoes in the evening.
  4. Shoe size varies – While you might be confident about your shoe size, it is important to know that different types and brands of shoes have different types of fits. So, it’s important to try a different size if the shoes of some brand doesn’t fit.
  5. Shape is important – it is crucial to stress that the shape of the shoes you are buying should resemble the shape of your feet to ensure the best fit.
  6. Don’t overestimate the stretching of new shoes – People often factor in a significant amount of stretching when buying new shoes, but not every pair of shoes will stretch, resulting in a cramped fit. So, instead of expecting the shoes to expand while stretching out, buy shoes which fit you perfectly at the time of buying.
  7. Ensure that the ball of your foot fits perfectly – People often ignore the shape of shoes and buy something which doesn’t fit every part of their feet perfectly resulting in foot pain or discomfort. Take notice of the shape of your feet and the shoes and buy something which will fit the widest part which is the ball of your foot perfectly.
  8. Leave space for the toes – Ensure proper fit for your toes by buying shoes which have considerable space at the front so that your toes don’t brush against the top part of the shoes.Proper type of shoes
  9. Stand and walk around – While trying on new shoes, the best way to check if they fit you well is by standing up and talking a small walk.
  10. Buy the proper type of shoes – Last, but equally important, while buying shoes, ensure that the type of shoes you are buying are appropriate for whatever activity you will use them for. After all, you can’t expect a pair of dress shoes to help you with your morning run.

If you are suffering from persistent foot pain or looking for custom orthotics, call the Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic today at 647-560-1030 to book a consultation with a qualified podiatrist.


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