Flat Feet Treatment Options for ChildrenFoot problems are bothersome and can be debilitating for any individual, but they can be especially challenging for children. Many babies are born with flat feet and this problem has been known to persist throughout childhood, even into adulthood. Flexible joints and bones as a youngster can lead to flattened feet and discomfort later in life. In fact, 1 or 2 out of every 10 children will have flat feet into their adult life. Fortunately, it is not a problem that cannot be treated, but timely intervention is important.

If your child complains of discomfort, stiffness or pain in their feet, it is time to visit a pediatric orthopedic doctor . The friendly staff at Comfort Stride in Toronto is accepting new patients and we would love to help your child’s feet develop to provide them with support and comfort as they grow.

Noticed your child has flat feet, but they don’t seem bothered? Don’t worry about it! Treatment is not recommended for children without an arch unless they are experiencing discomfort or mobility issues. Insoles aren’t the answer to creating an arch and may end up doing more bad than good for kids with flat feet.

Seek treatment if your child experiences the following:

  • Limited motion in the foot: Side-to-side or up-and-down ankle mobility should not be brushed off. This is often caused by a tight heel cord (Achilles tendon) which can lead to a flat foot and foot problems down the road. Stretching and continued care can often solve the problem.
  • Pain: Any pediatric foot problem that results in pain should be treated by a foot care specialist as soon as possible. Whether your child can describe the pain or complains of vague discomfort, getting to the root of the problem is important to limit further damage.
  • Sores: If you notice sores developing on your child’s feet, bring them to a Bradford foot care specialist for expert advice.
  • Pressure areas: Pressure that is felt on the inner sides of the foot can be a sign of other issues and should be looked at by a pediatrician or orthopedic doctor.

Baby feet on the parquet with pantsGet the right treatment for your children from foot care specialists who have seen it all before. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Comfort Stride is here to determine the cause and solution to your child’s foot care concerns. From flat feet to ankle pain, our team can communicate with your children and prescribe the right treatment option to limit foot development issues. Contact or visit us today to learn more about our wide range of orthopedic services for the entire family.

About 1 in 5 children will continue to have flat feet into adulthood. If your child has flat feet, come into Comfort Stride for a consultation with one of our experts. You can also contact us at (647) 989-7794.


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