Making Custom OrthoticsReady to put your best foot forward every day? Want to make it to the end of your busy day without back pain or sore, tired feet? Custom orthotics may be just what you require. Don’t confuse over-the-counter insoles with a customized pair of orthotics that are designed for your unique feet. Mass produced inserts will not ease your foot problems, no matter how expensive they are or what type of material they are made from. Only custom orthotics will support your feet and offer you a corrected gait, better posture and a comfortable stride. If you are ready to get your orthotics in Bradford, Comfort Stride can create the perfect pair for your particular foot care concerns.

3 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Orthopedic Shoes

Wearing custom orthotics offers many benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons orthopedic shoes could make a big difference in your life:

  1. No More Bunions: If you have recurring trouble areas on your feet that lead to persistent calluses or bunions, custom orthotics can help. They are specially designed for your foot concerns, so they will realign your feet and take pressure off your specific trouble spots. Bunions can form on all areas of the foot, and develop after a buildup of skin forms to protect the foot from friction and stress. Orthopedic shoes evenly distribute pressure across the foot so that certain areas are not left to take the impact and suffer.
  2. Avoid Flat Feet: Flat feet may be caused when the arch of the foot falls so much that the person no longer has any arch. If left untreated, flat feet can cause problems and pain in the back, hips, knees and ankles. Custom orthotics can help rebuild and support the shape of the foot to a normal, healthy arch. This helps to support the rest of the body and eliminate pain caused by flat feet over time.
  3. High Arch Relief: If your feet fall on the other side of the spectrum and have arches that are too pronounced, this can also cause pain and discomfort. Typically, high arch pain is localized in the feet since this issue puts pressure on the heels and balls of the feet. Custom orthotics can be made for those with high arches to distribute the pressure and provide relief so that certain areas of the feet are not left to take all the weight of your stride.

Foot During Scanning The team at Comfort Stride is available to design your custom orthotics in Bradford, Scarborough or Toronto. Our convenient locations across the GTA make us the perfect destination for your orthopedic shoes. We are committed to providing our patients with foot care services and solutions that allow them to walk taller, longer without pain! Not sure if custom orthotics are right for you? We can assess your foot troubles and recommend the perfect treatment option.

The health benefits from wearing custom-made orthotics are undeniable. Find out more by calling Comfort Stride at (647) 989-7794.


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