Have you ever noticed that your foot has an arch and wondered why it exists instead of the foot being completely flat? The truth is that the arch provides crucial support to the foot and acts as a shock absorber during movements like running, walking, etc. The height of this arch determines the support that your foot gets and impacts its overall well-being. Depending on the height of this arch, people are said to have either a high arch, normal arch, low arch or no arch at all. People who don’t have any visible arch are said to have flat feet which increases the chances of injuries to their feet. Normal activities like running, walking, jumping etc. can cause problems in people with flat feet over time, but with proper footwear which offers the required support, they can ensure that they don’t suffer from any foot problems. Selecting the right shoes is very crucial when a person has flat feet.

Selecting The Right Shoes

The experts at Comfort Stride Foot Clinic and Orthotics recommend the following types of shoes for people with flat feet.

Support Shoes

These types of shoes normally come with a description saying “added support”. They basically fulfill the function of a natural arch by providing enhanced support to your feet. People with flat feet should also avoid wearing footwear like sandals, flip flops, sneakers, high heels etc. which do not provide adequate support to their feet.

Stability Shoes

Stability shoes were introduced specifically for providing added stability to the feet during the landing phase of various movements. Due to the structure of their feet, people with flat feet generally add more stress to their feet during movements like running and walking as they tend to turn their ankle inwards when the foot lands on the ground. As a result, people with flat feet are at a higher risk of causing injury to their feet, ankles as well as their knees. Sports shoes for running or walking are generally designed to provide enhanced stability to feet and most sports brands have a dedicated line of stability shoes.

Comfort Stride Shoes

Motion Control Shoes

People who tend to severely pronate while movement should look at specifically designed motion control shoes. These shoes are designed to provide optimum stability and control to feet during movement by keeping the ankles straight. While stability shoes work for people with flat feet, people who have an excessive problem should wear motion-control shoes. These shoes contain dual density foam which creates a bulge in the midsole section of the shoe, thus providing stability and motion control. These shoes are manufactured by adding a hard version of foam to the part of the sole of the shoe which naturally falls below the part of the foot where the natural arch should be. These types of shoes can be easily identified by a gray colored piece of foam underneath the midsole.

If you are suffering from persistent foot pain due to flat feet or if you are looking for custom orthotics, call the Comfort Stride Foot Care Clinic today at 647-560-1030 to book a consultation with a qualified podiatrist.


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