Doctor preparing orthopedic insoles for a patient

It’s a jungle out there! Where can one go to get orthotics done right? Unlike many of the medical procedures that chiropodist & podiatrists do, orthotics are one of the few that is not considered a controlled act. This means that orthotics can be made by almost anybody that has some training. Make sure to make an informed decision.

The College of Chiropodists of Ontario (the regulating body for all chiropodists & podiatrists) orthotics standard says “even though prescribing and dispensing foot orthoses are in the public domain, Chiropodists and Podiatrists are the only health care providers whose statutory scope of practice explicitly includes the provision of orthotic devices”.

1) Level of care – At Comfort Stride we pride ourselves on our 1 month, 6 month and 1 year follow up appointments for all orthotic clients. We extend our level of care above and beyond the industry standard of 1-3 months.

2) Your practitioner’s lab – Most orthotic providers are required by insurance companies to use a 3rd party orthotic lab. Some practitioners may choose to make orthotics on the premises. The lab standards, their expertise and experience is just as important as your practitioner’s. At Comfort Stride, we partner with one of the most experienced labs in the business. With over 40 years of experience, the lab we choose to partner with is one of the leaders in the industry in orthotic innovation and biomechanics research.

3) A thorough examination –  All chiropodists & podiatrists are required by our College as well as your insurance company to provide a gait analysis, weight bearing and non-weight bearing exams. However did you know there are more tests than these? Orthotics are not as simple as an arch support. There’s more to your feet than your arches.

4) Insurance coverage – Some insurance companies do not care who you go to, as long as you have a physician’s prescription. Most plans will allow chiropodists and podiatrists to dispense and prescribe orthotics. A few will allow other practitioners to prescribe and dispense also. Be sure to check first as we go back to level of training as to the reason why this is!

5) Level of Training – chiropodists & podiatrists are one of the most extensively trained health care practitioners on this subject; the prescription, the design and most importantly troubleshooting if something doesn’t go right the first time. This is not only during school but this is a major focus for us in required continuing education yearly as well.


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