Why Is There So Much Variance In Prices And Incentives?

Custom OrthoticsThere are many health care providers that offer fantastic products and even savings to you in regards to orthotics. What you have to know are the differences and to be educated on the subject.

Custom made foot orthotics are very different than custom foot orthotics. If you leave the word “made” out, the phrase becomes open to custom measured foot orthotics, which can be measured using traditional casting methods but chosen from a library of common foot shapes and sizes. This is a wonderful way to of providing efficient and low cost orthotics. Insurances companies will only pay for custom made foot orthotics and these orthotics may not be enough to help you with your pain.

Choose what’s right for you. Perhaps even an over the counter Dr. Scholl’s foot bed or insole will be enough. Even these are somewhat measured for you as the client can stand on a device that measures pressure.

The custom made pieces are made from scratch in a laboratory just for the individual and their pain pattern. They take into account more than just an arch support. There is forefoot, rearfoot, midfoot, balance, height, pitch and even toe position that can be considered for one of these. This is how highly custom and specialized these can be.

If you have pain or discomfort, go to a licensed chiropodist or podiatrist who knows the entire array of what you need.Any practitioner can measure and dispense simple orthotics but troubleshooting and adjusting them is where we set ourselves apart.


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