Custom orthotics make your feet comfortable and are meant to help you. Once you get used to your orthotics, however, it can be difficult to tell when they need to be replaced. Your custom orthotics are a good investment, so in order to get the most out of them, you should know when it is time for replacement. If you are unsure, visit your local chiropodist in Toronto to have them assessed.

What Happens When You Use Worn Out Custom Orthotics?

When your orthotics become worn out or damaged, they may no longer work the way they were meant to. Because they help balance and align your body, you may notice pain after wearing them for extended periods of time–pain that can extend from your feet to ankles and even your back. Also, you may notice you are more prone to ankle sprains and other injuries, because your feet are no longer being properly supported.

How To Tell If It Is Time To Replace Your Custom Orthotics

Most custom orthotics last one to four years depending on how often they are worn and what they are used for. Most orthotics that are moderately used on a day-to-day basis should be replaced every one to two years. It is important to inspect your orthotics regularly to tell whether or not they need replacement. Some ways to tell if it is time to replace them include:

  • Signs of damage: If the hard plastic or the arches are damaged, it is time to replace your orthotics.
  • Signs of uneven wear on your shoes: Your orthotics help balance and align your feet. Therefore, if you see uneven wear on your shoes, it may indicate your orthotics are no longer working properly.
  • Your child has grown two shoe sizes up: Children’s orthotics should be replaced every two shoe sizes regardless of whether or not the orthotic is worn out.
  • You feel pain after wearing your orthotics for extended periods of time—and never experienced the pain before.

It is best to visit a foot clinic in Toronto to have your custom orthotics assessed. Your chiropodist can help you determine the right intervals for replacement. Also, check with your insurance company before ordering your next replacement. While your insurance may cover the initial purchase, they may only cover replacements at specific intervals—such as once every other year or once every three years.

The experts at Comfort Stride can help determine if your orthotics are still working for you. We can also assess how often you may need to replace your custom orthotics and fit you for a new set based on your current usage.

Not sure if your custom orthotics are due for a replacement? Drop by or call our foot clinic for an expert evaluation today.


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